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Local Specialities

Pistoia mountain offers a lot of products from the undergrowth. Very often you can find clusters of ripe blueberry bushes, brambles with blackberries and red spots of strawberries and raspberries. These fruits are carefully harvested by hand and become jams, syrups, flavoured grapes and homemade ice cream.

wild berries Montagna Pistoiese

Mushrooms Montagna Pistoiese

With boots and wicker baskets, in the woods, delicious mushrooms are picked: the very precious “Boletus” is the King of mountain cooking.

The local farms produce the famous Pecorino cheese with raw milk: it is obtained by unpasteurized milk from Massesi sheeps, grazing free in the mountains. Its flavour contains all the wonderful aromas of the land. It is delicious with honey, pears and ham.

Cheese Montagna Pistoiese

Chestnuts Montagna Pistoiese

In October there is the harvesting of chestnuts. They are very good boiled or roasted. The dried chestnuts, minced in stone mills, offer a very good flour, used to prepare the typical cakes of mountain: castagnaccio, frittelle and necci combined with the famous local Ricotta.